Flysky Noble NB4 Pro HVGA Touch Screen 2.4GHz 18CH Transmitter w/ FGR4B & FGR8B Receiver & Case



Description: This is Flysky Noble NB4 Pro HVGA 3.5inch LCD Touch Screen 2.4GHz 18-Channel Transmitter Radio w/ FGR4B & FGR8B Receiver /Aluminum Carrying Case. Noble Pro carries on all the excellent functions of Noble NB4 (dual receiv ing function, SFR, SR top speed servo , etc). Noble Pro is also endowed with richer and more powerful new functions , fully meeting the user's needs and desires for advanced transmitter functions. The aluminum alloy components are matched with the CNC metal silver line and frosted paint, as well as the wise black body coordinated with titanium silver color scheme, and dazzling beautiful system Uls, signifying the noble temperament and profound power of the Noble Pro all the time. On the basis of N84 brake mixer and programming mixer, the new four-wheel steering mixer, track mixer, drive mixer, and fixed speed cruise are added for the first time . When you face different complex terrains, Noble Pro can perfectly realize every precise driving operation. Noble Pro's standard accessories include almost all the necessary transmitter accessories for top RC drivers: stable aluminum alloy carbon fiber black control box, cool and elegant hand strap with faux leather strap head and Flysky logo, four L/S springs, seven titanium hollow silver CNC aluminum alloy bracket components (including handles and phone brackets), four different models of buckle adjustment blocks, fashionable wire less charging base for Noble Pro and mobile phones, beautiful and cool stickers, two sets of beautiful metal hub hand wheels, two sets of brake pads, two latest function AFHDS3 enhanced receivers FGR4B/ FGR8B, and two wrench tools. Feature: It features 18-channel surface transmitter [switching among 2 (extremely fast), 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 & 18 channels] Response time less than 3ms Support wireless charging Specification: Maximum number of channels: 18 (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12.18) Screen: 3 .5 inch capacitive touch color screen, 320x480 Battery: 2600 mAh at the grip, 4300mAh at the base Power consumption: 1.13W, 11-12h battery life Include: Flysky Noble NB4 Pro HVGA 3.5inch LCD Touch Screen 2.4GHz 18-Channel Transmitter Radio (1 pc) FGR4B Receiver (1 pc) FGR8B Receiver (1 pc) Aluminum Carrying Case (1 pc)

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