BM Racing Programmable Digital Servo For Drift BM-S002



The new BM Racing servo are using the latest developments program and motor inside , the servo works very smooth and also it can reduce the servo hunting on high grip surface circuit , but the biggest point of this servo is that the servo can programmable , it is able to change the servo parameter by yourself for different surface circuit and the driving skills , it can easily change the parameter of servo , for increase or reduse the front wheels grip when the car drifting in the corner or turning , it’s able to change characteristics of the chassis by the servo parameter , and also the servo surpport the Sanwa SSR mode . The USB programmer are supports the servo adjustment capabilities , USB programmer connect the servo to the computer and you need to download the software for setting the parameters , there have 5 main setting items inside the program and few more setting items . <specification> ● Voltage : 4.8V~6.0V ● Speed : Can change by yourself . ● Torque : 1.2kg ( 4.8V) / 1.4kg (6.0V) ● Size : 24mm x 28mm x11.3mm ● Weight : 9.35g

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