PN Racing Mini-Z V2 Alum Interchangeable Front Body Mount Base (Silver) BM001S



Description High strength aluminum front body mount. This base mount is mounted on the chassis in place of the Kyosho plastic front body mount. Combined with replacable PN carbon fiber adapter plates makes changing body a breeze while reducing the wear and tear on the chassis screw holes. Body specific carbon fiber adapter (CPxxx) are available. Additional 0.3mm shims can be used to increase the body height. (BP801). Requirement: Body specific PN carbon fiber adapter (CPxxx) Color: Silver Material: Aluminum Includes: 1 x aluminum 2 x M2*6 screw 2 x M2*8 screw Adapter plate parts number is the same as Kyosho Auto Scale base part number with CP prefix. ie: CP201 for Ferrari ENZO.