Hobbywing OTA Smartphone ESC Module Programmer #30850400



Description: The Hobbywing OTA Smartphone ESC Module Programmer is designed to wirelessly connect your ESC to your smartphone, using the Hobbywing HW Link APP to clearly display and adjust all parameters of the ESC. The graphical man-machine interface of drop-down list boxes and scroll bars is set up to make the parameter adjustments easier to use and more specific than ever before. The OTA programmer supports real-time data recording and stores the data in its memory, allowing the driver to access the current running status of their vehicle. With additional features such as seamless bluetooth transmission and a one-touch factory reset button, this programmer takes so much of the hassle out of managing your vehicle's ESC. Feature: For: Some Brushless ESC of MINI28 XERUN, EZRUN, PLATINUM & SEAKING Series Graphical Man-Machine Interface Real-Time Data Recording & Storage Upgrade Firmware with the HW Link App Bluetooth Transmission for Seamless Operation One-touch Factory Reset Button Specification: Working Voltage: 5-12.6C Supported Bluetooth Version: Less than or Equal to 4.0 Effective Range: 0-3m (Open Field) Size: 30.0x25.5x8.5mm Weight: 10.2g Include: Hobbywing OTA Smartphone ESC Module Programmer (1 pc)