GLD (HRC Arena Edition) Drift Car Kit (with 15T metal gears )




Please refer to the setup sheet: This Kit version included: GLD 94mm Chassis Electronic Speed Controller Metal gears servo Full Ball Bearing Items you will need to run: Transmitter Mini Receiver, Gyro 15mm brushless Motor 2S LiPo battery (47x11x20mm JST-PH plug) LiPo charger Body, AWD Wheels, Drift Tires Assembling tools Feature: Easy setup procedure Capable with body from different manufacturers Plastic high rigidity constructions Curved Aluminium Steering Slide Rack 2-step adjustable Aluminium motor mount 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension Standard realistic caliper and disc shape brake set Standard ball differential Steering lock stopper 
Upgrade option parts available: GLD-OP-001 - Front Spring Set (5 different hardness included) GLD-OP-002 - Rear Spring Set (5 different hardness included) GLD-OP-003-0 - Alum. 7075 Toe in block 0 * GLD-OP-003-1 - Alum. 7075 Toe in block 1 * GLD-OP-003-2 - Alum. 7075 Toe in block 2 * GLD-OP-003-3 - Alum. 7075 Toe in block 3 * GLD-OP-004 - Alum. 7075 Front Shock Tower GLD-OP-005 - Alum. 7075 Rear Shock Tower GLD-OP-006 - Alum. 7075 Servo Mount GLD-OP-007 - Alum. 7075 Steering Knuckles GLD-OP-008 - Alum. 7075 Rear Upright GLD-OP-009 - Alum. 7075 Battery Door GLD-OP-010 - Alum. 7075 Adjustable Front Caster Mount GLD-OP-011 - Screw Adjustable Shock Set GLD-OP-012 - Alum. 7075 Universal Shaft (10.5mm) GLD-OP-013 - Rear Arm (Long) GLD-OP-90106 - Conversion kit set (90-106mm)

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