GL Racing GLA 7075 Alum. Toe in block 3.0* GLA-002-30



Details: 7075 Aluminum Alloy precisely machined for accurate rear Toe-in angles. Comes with 2x Countersunk Stainless steel screws The range goes from 2.5, 3.0, 3.5. Stock plastic Toe-in block is ~2.2 Higher rear Toe-in gives more stability at the rear during cornering (more understeer), but it will also rub off some speed on the straights. Optimize your rear Toe-in angle to match your driving style and the track layout! TIP: You may or may not want to adjust upper rear links to reduce/increase camber as you change the rear Toe-in blocks, always use a camber guage to verify camber angles after changing Toe-in blocks, also check steering trim/subtrim is straight after changing blocks in case there are slight imbalanced angle changes on the rear wheels. For GLA and GLA-V2