Atomic HV1820 MG Servo AESC03R



High Volt compatible, support higher voltage BEC input. Best partner with Atomic sensored ESC as it is able to supply 7.4V to the system. This HV1820 servo is specially tuned for speed racing. Suitable for MRZ, MRT, BZ3 Please note that this model HV1820 is Not recommended for Drifting. For Drifting, please choose model DX1820 instead since it is specially tuned to work with gyro. •Dimensions 20 x 17.8 x 8.0mm •Torque: @6.0V @7.4V @8.4V •Speed: 0.045sec/60°@6.0V 0.035sec/60°@7.4V 0.030sec/60°@8.4V •Dead Band Width: ≤3us •Micro Coreless Motor •Gear Type: Metal Ge