Nexx Racing Kyosho MR03W Mono Suspension (BLUE) NX-274-B



Features: -Nexx Racing introduces new MR03W Mono suspension system. -Designs based on full scale car model for realism. -Replacement of stock suspension system. -Provides better control of roll center and suspension geometry while travelling. -Camper changes when cornering due to compression of suspension . This would allow the wheel to have maximum contact to road. -Same width as stock (W). -Same ride height as stock. -Same steering bar as stock (toe 0 degree). -Guarantees no steering pump as suspension travels. -CNC 7075 Aluminium ball joints. During hard collison, joints would not be disassembled. -Caster angle is +1° degrees. -Adjustable camber angle from 0 – 1° degrees. ( without changing knuckle ) -3mm knuckle wheel shaft makes all car bearing are 3x6x2.5mm bearings. -This suspension system would benefit your Mini-Z to be more stable when cornering and providing more road contact. -Each part of the stock suspension system could be individually replaced by the parts in Nexx Racing MR03W Mono suspension system.

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