NISSAN GT-R R35 Dark Metal Gray MZP417GR



Auto Scale Collection的均等做工可生產出具有展廳品質的展示模型,還可以與合適的MINI-Z底盤匹配以重現賽車的激情,同時還兼容先進的性能和增強的比例。 [關於高級手磨] 優質手蠟一種新的表面處理技術,可在明亮的光澤顏色下提供堅硬的光澤飾面。硬化的表面可保護漆面免受痕跡和污垢的侵害,使美麗的車身易於保持其原有的光彩。 Equisite workmanship of the Auto Scale Collection produces showroom-quality display models. They can also be matched to a suitable MINI-Z chassis to recreate the excitement of scale racing. Also compatible with the advanced performance and enhanced scale. [About Fine Hand Polish] Fine Hand Polish A new surface finishing technology that provides a hard glossy finish in bright lustrous colors. The hardened surface protects the paintwork from marks and dirt so the beautiful car body is easily maintained in all its original glory.

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